How do I export my account to another wallet?

Exporting accounts is an advanced feature for users who want to take control of their decentralized identity.

This feature allows a user to export their ORE ID accounts to use in a third party wallet of their choice. If you export your account, all transactions will need to be signed by the new wallet that you exported to.

This is an advanced feature, and only those who are savvy about keeping track of their own keys should continue forward.

There is no turning back once you export your ORE ID account!

Exporting to Scatter

To export your ORE ID account to Scatter, you first need to make sure you have an existing keypair. You can use any of your existing ones if you already have an EOS account, or if you want to generate a new keypair, follow the steps below.

First make sure you have the latest version of Scatter installed.

Open Scatter and go to the Wallet tab,



Next, at the bottom right of the Scatter Desktop window, click Generate Key, to generate a new keypair.



Scatter will ask you to select a Blockchain, and in this case select EOSIO.


Scatter will then ask you to Export your Private Key. We recommend that you do this and save your Private Key in a secure place so that you will never lose access to your assets.


After that, back on the Wallet screen you should see a new keypair. Here you can copy the public key in the menu on the right side of the card.



Copy that Public Key and input it in the Export panel for the Owner and Active key.



When you are done, just Drag to Confirm and your ORE ID account will be exported.