ORE Vault Sample Transactions

We provide example transactions for ORE Vault

ORE Vault Sample Transactions

How To Use

Copy an example transaction from below into the ORE Vault ‘Create Custom Transaction’ screen. 

Note: This must be a valid JSON object, so be sure to use "double quotes" around property names and remove any // comments from the examples

Sample Algorand Transactions


Transfer Algos


  "type": "pay"  // not required for pay - defaults to "pay"

  "from": "7YWQ2H…",

  "to": "VBS2IR...",

  "amount": 1, // in microalgos

  "note": "Sample payment", // optional



Opt-In "to" an Algorand Asset 


  "type": "axfer",

  "from": "QLL4PE...", // your account

  "to": "QLL4PE...", // your account (same as "from")

  "amount": 0, // always 0

  "assetIndex": 14062899, // asset to opt-in to

  "note": "test asset optIn"       



Transfer Algorand Asset 


  "type": "axfer"

  "from": ""VBS2IR...", // sending from account

  "to": "QLL4PE...", // sending to account

  "amount": 1, // native asset quantity

  "assetIndex": 14062899, // asset to send

  "note": "send asset"       



Opt-In to an Algorand Application



  "from": "VBS2IR...",

  "appIndex": 13379916, // app to opt-in to

  "appOnComplete": 1, // always 1

  "note": "test app optIn"       



Create an Application (Deploy a "smart contract" to the Algorand chain)


  "type": "appl",

  "from": "VBS2IR...",

  “appLocalInts”: 0,

 “appLocalByteSlices”: 0,

 “appGlobalInts”: 1,

 “appGlobalByteSlices”: 0,



Call an Application function (also called a "NoOp" transaction)




  "appIndex": 13675644, 

  "appOnComplete": 0, 

  "appArgs": ["mint", "0x2710"],    // Call "mint" with value multiple ways to format the parameters

  // "appArgs": ["bWludA==", new Uint8Array([39, 16])],     // same values as above using base64 and bytes

  // "appArgs": ["0x6d696e74", "0x2710"],    // same value as above - using hex formatting

  “appAccounts”: ["ZQHJE5…."],