Testing your OAuth Logins

We have some built-in tools to help you test your OAuth Login options

If you want to test any of the login providers, whether you are testing your existing logins or curious about turning on a new one, we provide a simple way for you to do that right in the ORE ID developer dashboard.

On the Settings > Platforms Tab, you will find the Configure Platforms screen where you can easily turn on any of the Login options that we provide.

To test any of these options, simply hover over the platform that you'd like to test and you will see a TEST button appear.


Click the test button and the Test Auth modal will show up for that platform.


Once you arrive here, you will be required to select a callback URL to generate a test link. If you would like to see the response in the URL, then we recommend you select the https://callback.sampleapp.com callback URL.


After you have selected a Callback URL, your test link will be generated. You can either click the field to copy the URL and manually insert that into your browser's search bar, or simply click the Test Login button.

Be aware that each link will only work once and expire after 2 minutes. If you would like to try multiple times you will have to generate a new link by pressing Refresh URL.