ORE ID - Getting Started Guide

Here we'll run you through the steps to setup your integration and start using ORE ID!

1. Pre-requisites

Before we jump into setting up your app, these are the few things you'll need in-order to use our support libraries for ORE ID.

  1. First make sure your node version is at least node v10.3
  2. Also make sure you have npm installed: https://www.npmjs.com/get-npm

2. Running the Sample App

Pulling down and running the sample app is a great way to see how all the moving pieces fall into place with ORE ID. The hosted version of the sample app is here,



The following walkthrough videos will guide you on how to setup and run the Sample App and how to Sign Transactions.

  1. Running the Sample App
  2. Signing Transactions

3. Creating your Test App

When you're ready to start working on your own app, you can register your app at: https://oreid.io/developer/new-app

For a walkthrough on registering your app and running it you can watch the video here:

Creating your Test App.

4. Setting up Create Bridge

After you've created your Test App, you will probably need to setup your Create Bridge account.

For a quick overview of what Create Bridge is you can watch the following video:

Understanding Create Bridge

The Create Bridge reference can be found here:

Setting up Create Bridge



If you still have any questions or want further assistance with your integration feel free to reach out to us in our Developer Telegram channel, or your Developer Point of Contact if we have already setup a support channel.