Test Signing your Actions

In the ORE ID Developer Dashboard, we provide a simple way to test any of the actions from your whitelist.

When you add new actions, it is probably imperative that you test them to make sure things are running smoothly end to end. The ORE ID Developer Dashboard provides a simple way to do that right from the Whitelist table.


In the Settings > Whitelist Tab, you will see the Whitelisted Actions that you have setup for your App.


To test any of your actions, click the Expand toggle on the left side of the action that you would like to test. That should expand that row with more details and a Test Transaction button at the bottom.

After you click the Test Transaction button, you should see the Test Sign Modal show up. Here you can see the transaction details at the top, which are editable. 

If you notice in the screenshot above, the Account ID section is blank. This field should autofill itself with your Account ID if you have created an account already for this app. If you haven't, then please go to the Platform tab and log in to your app with the same log in that you are using to access the Developer Dashboard.

Once you arrive here, you will be required to select a callback URL to generate a test link. If you would like to see the response in the URL, then we recommend you select the https://callback.sampleapp.com callback URL.

After you have selected a Callback URL, your click Generate URL to generate a test link. You can either click the field to copy the URL and manually insert that into your browser's search bar, or simply click the Run Test button.

Be aware that each link will only work once and expire after 2 minutes. If you would like to try multiple times you will have to generate a new link by pressing Refresh URL.

Here you also have two options for your transactions, to broadcast it to the chain and if you would like to test signing with an external wallet like Scatter.